Gender specific labelling… Not just about a sign that says girls/boys.

OK… So one of the things that really annoys is the massive way that the pink/blue divide is permeating into almost everything.  Under the guise of giving us choice companies are giving us no choice at all.  You will buy it in pink or blue or not at all.

Pink & Blue are no longer simply colours though.  They have become the gender labels themselves!

The wonderful campaign by @LetToysBeToys has had amazing results in making shops and the public aware of the horrendous gender divide in toy advertising and labelling.  Now lots of high profile shops have agreed to remove all signs saying girls & boys.  This is no mean feat… Shops like toysrus and the entertainer have removed all such signage. This is a vast improvement.  However if you go into the entertainer in Lincoln the floor still turns pink and all the pink boxed sparkly beauty and domestic servitude toys are bundled together.  The gender divide signage has gone but all the implications are still there.

Pink & Blue are in themselves signs.  A boy may well want to have a toy cooker…  But most probably will not want a pink/lilac one.  The colour is telling parents and boys “this is not for you!”.  At the community centre we go to they have a little wooden kitchen and both boys and girls play with it in exactly the same manor.  If it were pink I imagine a lot of the older boys wouldn’t be so keen.

A few days ago I tweeted @sainsburys with the following photo from their store.


Below is a screen grab of the brief conversation:-

sains baking set upload

Now, I do appreciate they say they they have taken my point on board.  But they have also said that these items aren’t gender specific.  Well, no… technically they are just colours but as we and @sainsburys know very well that’s not how it works.  They are defined and labelled boys and girls by their colour…  and just because there is no specific sign that says boys or girls that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Why do these items need to be sold in 2 different colours at all?  Is this just a con to make parents with both sexes buy 2 sets of everything rather than one random coloured one that will be agreeable to both Sons & Daughters in the family?

It’s not just baking sets either, if you look around it’s everywhere. It’s easy to take down a sign that says boys or girls but not so easy to change the way items are manufactured, packaged and marketed.  I guess a lot comes down to cost, it would be an expensive undertaking to change all this now, but I am of the opinion that it’s in dire need of change.

I’m going to add a small poll and I hope some of you may take the time to vote on it.

You can also contact me on twitter, @ch33sl3y or @pinkitorlumpit


2 thoughts on “Gender specific labelling… Not just about a sign that says girls/boys.

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